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RasPerras del Infierno in FormulaPi

Last August I found out about Formula Pi Kickstarter campaign by @pi_borg: Self driving robot cars programmed in a Raspberry Pi (Pi Zero). I liked the idea so I backed the project and asked friends to join. @hombrenieve1983 was the most enthusiast: “I’m in!”. Our team was called RasPerras del Infierno, as a reference to […]

Three words a day for Appsfuel

Three Words A Day is now available for your smartphone, both Android and iOS supported! And more languages can be played! Get the Three Words A Day appsfuel application and learn three new words every day. With just a few minutes to play you will practice your vocabulary. New languages available are English, Spanish, Italian, […]

Groupot at Firefox OS day

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Firefox OS day in UPM organized by movilforum. Buongiorno, where I work, sent Javi and myself to learn about Firefox OS, how to develop apps and upload them to Firefox OS Marketplace. Thanks Carolina 🙂 Before lunch there were some talks. They explained all about Firefox […]

3 words a day – Spanish Chrome Web Store contest winners!

We haven’t posted yet about our latest project and we are already announcing that we won the Spanish Chrome Web Store contest 😀 The Chrome App is called 3 words a day and will help you learning 3 English words every day. Just 3 words every day so you can do it as soon as […]

Bottle Top Race for Android

Bottle Top Race for Android is our new game in the Android Market. It is a racing game that is played by hitting the phone like if it was the bottle top. The harder you hit it, the longer the shot. Check out the video to see how to play this game. First click on […]

Chameleon Color Picker for Android

Our first Android application is already in the Android Market! It’s called Chameleon Color Picker and it displays the color of the objects you point the camera to. It also displays the RGB and hexadecimal codes, so you can use that color in any other program. The idea came from the 0,000001 Megapixels camera post from “No […]

AppEngine Mail Processor

Tired of doing repetitive tasks on some emails you receive? AppEngine Mail Processor is here to solve your problems! Sometimes we receive emails that ask us to click on a link to confirm an account, or to send some data or any other task. Everything that is triggered by an email and that requires an […]

Escolti, tenim nou ordinador

El otro día nos llegó a casa el premio que aportaba Sun al proyecto ganador del iWeekend. Es un Sun Ultra 24 Workstation. Antes de recibir el premio nos pasaron un enlace a la página del ordenador en Al pasarle el enlace a Rau1 me preguntó si por ese precio venía Jonathan Schwartz a […]


Hace poco publicamos el último friqueo en el que hemos estado trabajando. Se llama TubeGraph y permite valorar dinámicamente los vídeos. Con las valoraciones de todos los usuarios se crean unas gráficas que permiten ver qué partes del vídeo son más interesantes. La idea se le ocurrió a Guille durante el Google Open Pizza Night. […]

Google Developer Day ‘08

El jueves 25 estuvimos los Lamb Brothers en el Google Developer Day 2008. Este año se celebraba en el Parque de Atracciones de Madrid y no coincidía con los Developer Day en otros lugares. Ya en la acreditación coincidimos con la gente que conocimos en la Campus Party del año pasado (casi hacemos un pleno […]

Obedezca las señales

Durante el viaje por México también nos encontramos esta señal… que pide que se obedezcan las señales. Yo obedecí todas las señales menos esta :-p
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