3 words a day – Spanish Chrome Web Store contest winners!

We haven’t posted yet about our latest project and we are already announcing that we won the Spanish Chrome Web Store contest 😀

3 words a day screenshot

The Chrome App is called 3 words a day and will help you learning 3 English words every day. Just 3 words every day so you can do it as soon as you get the notification.

It shows a word in Spanish and you have to use the microphone to say it in English or just write it. Once you get it right or fail three times you’ll be able to listen to the correct pronunciation using Text To Speak from Google Chrome.

You will have the list of all the previous words in the game to review them when you want.

The Spanish Chrome Web Store contest was announced during last November. For some time, specially during a trip to London we kept thinking of ideas to develop for the contest. There we thought about the idea of learning three words every day. Judith’s friends sent her 3 words every day that she had to translate, so we thought of doing it for the contest. With David and Mariade we kept thinking how to do it right.

Accessibility was a very important point of the contest, so we added the microphone input, the text to speak, notifications, focus management in the html form, and everything we could.

After several beta versions developed and tested the application was working fine. But it missed a good design. Many thanks to Jorge and Javi for their work there.

And finally, a good set of words provided by Guille was also needed to make it interesting. The test words were ok but just for that.

The application won the Education category and also the global prize. We got 6 Chromebooks (including the one I’m using to write this post 🙂 and 3 tickets to Google I/O 😀 We’ll be there this June!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the chrome app. I hope you enjoy the Chromebooks 😉

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