Open City Agora

Open City Agora, our entry for the Google Places API Developer Challenge.


Comicalia is our eCommerce site devoted to comic-books.


Tusiyu is a simple agreement tool for a group of friends to choose When and Where to meet.


A meipi is a collaborative space where users can upload information and content around a map, related to a local or thematic context.

Linked Data Movie Quiz

The Linked Data Movie Quiz is a Web application that generates questions about cinema by querying the Linked Movie DataBase.

Twitt… Who? Chrome Extension

Twitt… Who?” is a Google Chrome extension that looks for twitter users while you browse, showing information about them.


TubeGraph is an application where users can rate videos dynamically. The average of different users opinions is a graph that shows the most interesting parts of the video.

Chameleon Color Picker

The Chameleon Color Picker is an android app that displays the color of the objects you point the camera to.


GroupotAccounting for groups made easy. Our Firefox OS app for the Firefox OS day hackathon.

AppEngine Mail Processor

AppEngine Mail Processor deals with repetitive tasks triggered by received emails.

Our Google Gadgets

In 2007, we created several Google Gadgets, including two for the visualization and edition of Google Spreadsheets.

Bottle Top Race

Bottle Top Race is a game for Android. It is played by hitting your phone like if it was the bottle top. Check the video to see it in action.

3 words a day

3 words a day is an app that will help you learning languages. It is available as a Chrome app and as an application for appsfuel. You will have to translate 3 words from one language to a different one. Play everyday to get more points! In the Chrome app every day you will have […]
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