Meipi is a collaborative maps project we run with Pablo, Alfonso, Dome and Francesco.

We define a meipi in as a “collaborative space where users can upload information and content around a map. Each meipi has a particular context, which can be local (when the entries are related to a specific area), or thematic (when the content is associated with a particular idea).”

It all began with Todo Sobre Mi Barrio project (with people from Laboratorio Urbano and Algomas) where we created a map which was able to contain the collective image of Arganzuela neighborhood in Madrid.

After that experience we realized that the same wikimap idea could be easily applied to other places by adapting the code we had developed. That was the beginning our free online wikimap creator meipimatic.

Eventually, in 2009, we also released the code as open source, and many interesting examples can be found within the large amount of meipis created so far, most of them available at
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