2010 recap

Happy new year everyone! Just a quick post (and not four, like last year;) to sum up what we’ve been working at during 2010. Basically, we’ve kept working around the three big projects we had already running –meipi, tusiyu and tubegraph– and also played with new focused experiments. 🙂

MEIPI: During 2010, new interesting meipis have been created (there’s more than 11.000 entries in 600 meipis now), and the project has kept growing with features (we’re glad to note that even with external contributions🙂 and translations, such as Greek.

TUSIYU: We have included new functionalities such as the ability of subscribing to an event by mail or rss, or inviting people by facebook, polishing some other things too. We have participated in some contests and made some analysis on the created events. Still, during the last months we’ve been working on a bigger change, and soon it will be possible to edit the event or one’s vote. Stay tuned for news!

TUBEGRAPH: There’s not much to link about it at this stage, but we’ve been working on integrating our dynamic rating technology in other product… We’re looking forward to announcing it!

OTHER EXPERIMENTS: We played with Linked Data and created a movie quiz (Linked Data Movie Quiz); we also created a Google Chrome extension that gives information about users while you browse (Twitt… Who?) and an application able to process e-mails and automatically perform certain actions (AppEngine Mail Processor).

There’s also been time to tweet (j & g), though it seems that not so much time to post in this blog ;-), and to give some presentations. We hope to keep bringing news during 2011!

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