3 words a day

3 words a day is an app that will help you learning languages.

It is available as a Chrome app and as an application for appsfuel.

You will have to translate 3 words from one language to a different one. Play everyday to get more points!

In the Chrome app every day you will have three new words in Spanish to translate into English. Use the voice recognition integrated in Google Chrome to pronounce the English word or just write it with the keyboard.

Once you have answered correctly or failed three times you’ll have the option to listen to the correct pronunciation using the Text To Speak from Google Chrome.

You’ll always have the full list of words available to review any of them.

Check the project details for 3 words a day Chrome application.

In the appsfuel application there are more languages to play with. Start practicing your English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. And more languages on their way!

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