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3 words a day – Spanish Chrome Web Store contest winners!

We haven’t posted yet about our latest project and we are already announcing that we won the Spanish Chrome Web Store contest đŸ˜€ The Chrome App is called 3 words a day and will help you learning 3 English words every day. Just 3 words every day so you can do it as soon as […]

Participation in the Trans Trash project

Once again, we’ve had the opportunity to work with our cousin @numeroteca, in another collaboration with Basurama in the context of their Trans Trash project (“Understanding waste streams”) and exhibition. As he says, it’s great that our work has been displayed no less than at MIT! In particular, we’ve helped out in the Trash-o-meter tool (“How much […]

Chameleon Color Picker for Android

Our first Android application is already in the Android Market! It’s called Chameleon Color Picker and it displays the color of the objects you point the camera to. It also displays the RGB and hexadecimal codes, so you can use that color in any other program. The idea came from the 0,000001 Megapixels camera post from “No […]

Participation in the 6000km exhibition

In yet another collaboration between Meipi and Basurama (remember Spermola), we are glad to have participated in our way in the 6000km project, which uses meipi to geolocate the panoramic photographs taken to document “the huge extensions of territory consumption of the large cities in Spain”, and “the uncontrolled growth of cities and the consumption […]
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