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No sólo friqueos

Apart from spending time in the projects we usually talk about in the Lamboratory, Jorge and me also have our “proper” jobs, of course. 🙂 And being one of the aims of this site to gather together our kind-of-portfolio, this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning those. After almost three years in a Telefónica I+D project […]

Binary Satanic Lights

The advantage of “0110 0110 0110” is that being palindromic it can be read from both sides of the street (and even from above;-)

meipi to beta

We’ve been saying that Meipi (the collaborative local and thematic maps project we are involved in) is “at its alpha stage” for a while now. I bet most people have already guessed that there would be a beta stage after this one. And that is in fact our idea. 🙂 We’re not doing it as […]

Multi User Communication gadget is here

Today we have released Multi User Communication gadget and the first game that takes advantage of its functionality: a Tic Tac Toe game. Multi User Communication gadget can be used to send and receive messages between the igoogle pages of different users. Developers can create with this gadget any application or game they can imagine […]


OK, it is in fact a terrible name. Anyway, our blog is finally here! Why does the Lamboratory need a blog? Well, we thought it was the best way to keep the site actualized with the news we may have, as long as we are getting lazier to modify it. We don’t promise to post […]
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