No s贸lo friqueos

Apart from spending time in the projects we usually talk about in the Lamboratory, Jorge and me also have our “proper” jobs, of course. 馃檪 And being one of the aims of this site to gather together our kind-of-portfolio, this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning those.

After almost three years in a Telef贸nica I+D project (someday more about it) I switched to a Researcher position at iSOCO Lab, so I thought it would be the right time to write about real-life-job stuff.

It is a good opportunity to roughly explain what will I be working at, so I’ll be able to point to this post whenever needed in the future. 馃槑

Topics at my new job will be around Semantic Web, and first project I will be involved, SOA4All, is a quite ambitious European collaboration where SOA, Web and Web2.0, Semantic Web and Context Management issues will be addressed.

It looks really interesting, and a step forward into the right direction. Let’s see how it goes! 馃檪

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