2009 recap (4/4): Other stuff

We finally conclude with the fourth post about what went on for us during 2009:

iWeekend has meant a lot for us during this 2009, as we had the chance to attend three of them, and each of those in a different manner. It all began of course in January with the creation of Tusiyu; we had such a good experience there that we decided it was an experience worth repeating, so we attended the next one at Valencia in June, where Rifalia was born. In November, 10 iWeekends were run in parallel, and we helped organize the one at Madrid, in the one where Emprendemas was created.

All in all, we could live the iWeekend experience in three different ways (with our idea selected, contributing for a different one, and also from the organization point of view) and we feel lucky for those, and of course, for the people we have met.

We have not forgotten other code events; for example we were able to attend a Yahoo! Developer Network evening in Barcelona and then another one in Madrid. Regarding older projects, with so many things going on, we didn’t have much time to keep being involved in the developments such as for Google Gadgets, as we had previously been.

Let’s see how things keep going during 2010. (Yes, we know we’re already in March and still covering last year;-) Even though we’re trying to focus (at least a bit;-), we’re always open for new ideas and experiments, so who knows!

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