2009 recap (3/4): Tubegraph

We continue with our third post about where we were involved in 2009:

Tubegraph logo Tubegraph

We created Tubegraph as an experiment for dynamically rating videos at the end of 2008, following a contest in a Google Pizza Night event. The beginning of 2009 was very promising for this project, as we were featured in several websites and we even had a special mention in Beca Alzado amongst 176 contestants. ­čÖé

The truth is that later on we didn’t pay all the attention we would have liked to this project, due to the ongoing ones in parallel, despite of having some (interesting, we think;-) ideas on how the experiment should evolve, trying to promote the ratings via games with a purpose or crowdsourcing them via Mechanical Turk or similar.

The good news is that we might have found (or they might have found us!;-) the right partners to make this experiment evolve and be more useful. Stay tuned for news in this respect, which should come up in the first half of the year.

The project has a blog, even though we don’t update it so often. Check out the “tubegraphs of the month“, and analysis such as this basketball one over the generated graphs (example below) that show which are the most interesting parts of each video.

Tubegraph of 1998 NBA video

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