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2009 recap (4/4): Other stuff

We finally conclude with the fourth post about what went on for us during 2009: Tusiyu Meipi Tubegraph other stuff iWeekend has meant a lot for us during this 2009, as we had the chance to attend three of them, and each of those in a different manner. It all began of course in January […]

2009 recap (1/4): Tusiyu

With 2009 just over (well, kind of;-), we thought this was a good moment to write something about the projects we are involved in (in addition to Jorge’s work at Buongiorno and Guillermo’s at iSOCO) and what happened during the past year. So this is the first of four posts about: Tusiyu Meipi (coming soon) […]

Estuvimos en otro iWeekend: Rifalia

Después de lo bien que lo pasamos en el iWeekend de Madrid, en el que salió adelante nuestra idea de Tusiyu, teníamos muchas ganas de repetir y participar desde otro punto de vista. Así que no lo dudamos y el fin de semana pasado nos plantamos en Valencia para ayudar en la creación de una […]
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