2009 recap (1/4): Tusiyu

With 2009 just over (well, kind of;-), we thought this was a good moment to write something about the projects we are involved in (in addition to Jorge’s work at Buongiorno and Guillermo’s at iSOCO) and what happened during the past year. So this is the first of four posts about:

  • Tusiyu
  • Meipi (coming soon)
  • Tubegraph (coming soon)
  • other stuff (coming soon)

Tusiyu logo


The story of Tusiyu began last January, when we attended the first edition of iWeekend in Madrid (a sort of “Startup Weekend” where 50 people choose an idea and develop it together) and we were lucky enough to get ours selected: A simple agreement tool for a group of friends to choose when and where, which ended up being Tusiyu.

After the productive weekend and some time to refine the most important bugs, the tool was fully usable, and indeed used for different purposes (not only to organize dinners, but also trips, etc.) and little by little, thanks to the feedback of people, by an increased number of users.

In order to be able to keep growing and adding features (some of them are already taking place, like comments, edition or subscription), linking the tool with other systems (like table-reservation ones), etc., Alex joined the team in November. We have just reworked the design, and look forward to keep improving the project!

You can check the blog if you’re interested in Tusiyu and follow it via rss, in twitter, or facebook. We’re also participating at BBVA Open Talent contest, and your votes would be helpful indeed. 😉

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